Feel like mixing it up a little? We've got some great options - just for you...


“I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but the trainers were just so friendly and professional  - they were right there with me the whole time...”

While our Classic Megaformer Class is suitable for all experience and ability levels, we also appreciate that some might want to start off a little more gently!

Slower transitions between exercises and lighter weights make this a great way to dip your toe in the water.



"I didn't think I could push myself further than I do in Signature Megaformer, but mixing it up with kettlebells is a real challenge!"

A heart-pounding class incorporating traditional megaformer moves, mixed in with functional kettlebell exercises off the machine. This is by far our sweatiest class! All levels are welcome, but we'd recommend that you try a couple of our Classic Megaformer classes first, so as to get the most out of this highly effective cardio, strength, and core workout.  



“Finally made the call to get back into shape after my second child - the trainers have been so supportive - and I can even bring my youngest along!”

Bring your little one to workout with you! Our Mama & Me class is great for new moms focusing on getting postpartum strength back. The focus is on restoring function and core stability, and reconnecting with your core and muscles.

The course is led by Karin on Tuesdays and by Isabelle on Thursdays. Both are experienced Personal and Lagree Fitness Certified trainers and both have young children themselves. Karin is also a Certified MammyTummy Trainer working with Maternity Health, both pre and post natal. 

We recommend this class be taken at least 8 weeks post partum for your own safety and best possible workout experience.

You are welcome to bring your baby to class, but please make sure that your baby has not yet started crawling!

Each course is 5 weeks including 10 sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 13.30.  Course costs 3300kr.


  • Course 1   January 28 - February 27
  • Course 2   March 3 - April 2
  • Course 3   April 14 - Maj 14
  • Course 4   Maj 19 - Juni 18

Regular attendance is strongly recommended to ensure the maximum benefit and value from the Mama&Me course. However, we understand that situations may arise that you should be unable to attend your regularly scheduled class. Below are guidelines and rules to schedule a make-up class.

  • A 12 hour notification and cancellation policy is required to reschedule a make-up class.
  • Mothers are entitled to 1 make-up class per course. Make-up classes must be scheduled through the office either in person or by email.
  • The make-up class must be scheduled during the same time period as the duration of the course.


Build your body so you can build your little one's! Our Prenatal Megaformer Course is a great way to live a fit pregnancy. Staying active is important for your general health and can help you reduce stress, control your weight, improve circulation, boost your mood, and sleep better throughout your pregnancy.

This course is lead by our Lagree Fitness & MummyTummy certified trainer, Karin.

The course is 3 weeks including 3 sessions on Mondays at 13.30.

Course costs 850kr.



“Having practised Hatha Yoga for 20 years, I was initially doubtful - why fix what ain't broke! However, as part of my overall weekly routine, this really does add something special.”

With MegaYoga you have the best of both worlds – a high intensity workout and a centering yoga experience to stretch your muscles and relax your body and mind. A perfect combination of Megaformer and Yoga to give your body the balance it deserves.

With 25 minutes of full body high intensity training on the Megaformer, followed by 25 minutes of hatha yoga on the mats, we will  focus on hip opening and detoxing spine twists to give your mind and body an overall grounded and balanced experience.