Due to the recent updates regarding Covid-19:

We are taking extra precautions to make sure The Place Stockholm is a safe space for you to work out. Therefore we have reduced the capacity of our Barre classes and we are constantly reviewing our schedule and have already made adjustments to keep the required social distance whilst traning. Our cleaning team will especially focus on cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces and equipment that are frequently touched and in use. We kindly ask you to wash your hands before and after class and clean your equipment with extra care. We have a requirement for everyone to use toesocks in all Megaformer and Barre classes and trainers for Trampoline classes. Please do not come to class if you are feeling unwell of if you are showing any symptoms of a cold, fever, cough or difficulty breathing. Please refrain from using locker rooms and showers if you can. Take care of yourselves. 

Best wishes,

The Place Stockholm Team

BMN Trampoline with Nicole Hedman is now at The Place Stockholm. BMN Trampoline is a great cardio workout to strengthen your core and entire body, while the buoyant feeling of repetitve bouncing will also life your mode and energy levels at the same time. 

Plus, it's a low-impact exercise option that's very easy on the joints - something running can't match. The pumping effect of the muscles accelerates the lympatic system, to stimulate and protect the immune system. Jump on your own personal trampoline while having so much fun to reach your rejeventated high.

Please bring indoor training shoes to ensure the safety of yourself and others for all BMN Trampoline classes.